My culinary trip itinerary

My trip will cover Andine mountains, rainforests, seashore, big cities and remote villages.

I will visit city dweller as well as farmers in coffee plantations, potatoes fields, …

I intend to spend time in the three main climatic zones of the country during 2 weeks each: andine mountains, seashore and rainforest.

I will start from Lima (5days) and carry on discovering both coastal and andine food towards North for a week (Huaraz, Chavin de huantar, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Cajamarca…). Dishes will mainly be based on seafishes and sellfishes on the seashore while mountainous area will give more cereals, meat and vegetables specialties.

I will then head to Tarapoto and Iquitos to spend a bit more than one week in the rainforest region where the only transportation is boat… The is nearly no option for food than local products so dishes will be mainly based on exotic fruits and river fishes… I look forward to steamed dishes and plantains…

Coming back to Lima, I will travel directly to Cusco region to know more about agriculture of supercereals like quinoa or maca. On the road I will stop at Ayacucho and Ollantaytambo.

If time is not too short, I will head to Puerto Maldonado, another part of amazon rainforest.

After enjoying fresh air in the maintain, I will go south to Arequipa, one of the finest cities in terms of food…

I will finish my journey with Nazca / Ica / Pisco region before going back to Lima for a few days.

Map Travel Globe Taster Peru

Please help me to make this blog nice and interesting to read for you by:

– Proposing topics you would like to read about

– Sending me the contact of your familly and freinds in Peru who I could visit to cook together and talk about food


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