D-5: Wwoof finally accepted!

To understand about People & Food in Peru, I need to find out more about Agriculture.

maizThe base of cooking are local products used to make this food. This is linked to the soil conditions, the slopes and the climatic area… and the human action on them.

In Latin America, what is so special about Peru is definitely agriculture. The Incas used to worship Pachamama, the Earth, because she gave them food and Inti, the sun, because he let it grow. Incas were farmers. And this activity shaped their society, their codes, their religion and their culture. Nowadays, Peruvian are still living in the barn of the world… with an extreme variety of products coming from the earth…

This is what I am going to discover in Bosque Berlin… as a wwoofer. A wwoofer is a volunteer to work in a farm and receive food and a roof in exchange of his/her work. Bosque Berlin is in the amazon forest, it is a private concervation center in which Leyda and her familly sustainably grow:

                                                                                 SWEET POTATOES
                           KIDNEY BEANS

Here is a video about Bosque Berlin:

Here is a snapshot in Spanish about what they do:

Decidieron convertir su predio en Área de Conservación Privada (ACP) y seguir demostrando que sí se puede vivir sostenibles en el Perú. En Bosque Berlín cultivan maíz, papa, frejol, pallares, camote, yuca. Tienen treinta cabezas de ganado y cinco vacas lecheras que le da cada una quince litros de leche al día. Con eso hacen quesos y yogurt. Crían cuyes, gallinas y cerdos. Con su pequeña hidroeléctrica se autoabastecen de energía y les alcanza para ayudar a sus vecinos. En las alturas de Bagua Grande, ahí donde descansan las nubes, los Rimarachín siguen resistiendo, demostrando que todos sus esfuerzos sí tuvieron recompensa.

If you want to know more, visit Bosque Berlin Website


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