Discovering Peru with People & Food

What is Globe Taster Peru about?

Peru is so much more than the “condor pasa”. Few people actually know the incredible diversity of Peruvian people. Even fewer have heard of the new culinary El Dorado of Peru…


This is why I propose you a travel through peruvian landscapes, meeting people and finding out about their food habits to understand better their culture and way of life.

Cooking from Peru has influenced all of Latin America (Ceviche, Pisco, …) and at the same time Peru has received numerous food influences from the entire world (Japan, Spain, China, …). In the end, peruvian people gathered them all in a healthy, rich and bright cuisine.


Causa Limeña

In my blog, I will give you a taste of Peru with a patchwork of people and food.

You will follow my travel from July 11th until August 19th 2015.

During Q4 2015, I am willing to edit a book of the best stories and recipes I found in Peru for you to keep on travelling in Peruvian lands.

You will find an example of the articles I will write during my travel here: Alfajores de Jeimy and Causas de Chef Timour.


Eating Corn in front of Inca agricultural terraces

Who am I?

I am a globe-trotter and an insatiable food taster. I have travelled several continents but only my trip to Peru made up my mind to combine these two passions :

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Which regions will my culinary trip target?

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Map Travel Globe Taster Peru

Map Travel Globe Taster Peru

Please help me to make this blog nice and interesting to read for you by:

– Proposing topics you would like to read about

– Sending me the contact of your familly and friends in Peru whom I could visit to cook together and talk about food.

Peru, culinary, trip

peru, discover, food


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