D-4: Looking for inspiration

I told my friends, colleagues and the entire world I was going to Peru to write a book and here is what they sent me to find inspiration: …

  • “El sueño de Sonia” (Spanish, subs in English) :

El sueño de Sonia (Sonia’s dream) – Trailer from HDPERU on Vimeo.

  • Visit traditional markets and grandmothers kitchens where one can find the most traditional dishes (spanish):
  • The ceviche restaurant is called Sonia, is a traditional restaurant in the south area of Lima in a fisherman town called chorillos

Restaurant Sonia

  • Learn how to make ceviche just like Anthony Bourdain in Javier Wong’s restaurant (English) :
  • “Don’t tell me what a man says, don’t tell me what a man knows, just tell me where he has travelled…”, video of Anthony Bourdain in Peru (English):
  • Visit a small village like Antioquia were I can see how some ocal products grow. Find out more of these place with the serie “Buen viaje” (Español):
    • Documentary about peruvian cooking with Gaston Acurio the Superstar of cooking in Peru… He create the fair of gastronomy in Peru (French):
    • “La tournée des popotes” a French world cooking program with a special emission about Emoliente, the tea of peru… (French):

Emoliente : un thé péruvien


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