La Casa de Don Cucho in Pachacamac, a nice escape from the city

I was recommended to go to Don Cucho’s two days before leaving France… I had no idea what would this imply…

The restaurant “la casa de Don Cucho’s” is located near the HUGE city of Lima… but it means more than 1hour 30 travel.

La Hacienda de Don Cucho

You can get a combi (mini bus travelling from one loctaion to another in the city without fixed timetable), and another one to get to the famous ruins of Pachacamac. After, you need to get to Pachacamac village with another combi which is also fine. After this, you need to go to the end of the village, which is actually more of the size of a town in France with a taxi. On the road you’ll see plenty of countryside restaurants “restaurantes campestres” which look really nice but the travel sis not over, you’ll propably have to finish the 800meters left by foot… At that point, you kind of deserve to eat at Don Cucho’s!

You’ll find there a week-end resort more than just a restaurant… there are animals to feed for children, a playground, a nice garden, a display of old cooking equipments and a small museum on the history of the familly and old cooking books.

During the week there aren’t much people… well especially before 2pm30 because people in Peru use to have lunch between 2pm and 3pm30. Obviously I was there before that time. I was told during week-end, the hundreds of table in the separate areas where completely full… especially becaus ein the week-end Don Cucho is actually there cooking in the traditionnal open kitchen.

What can you eat at Don Cucho’s?

Very traditionnal countryside and mountain food made as authentically as possible. Here is the menu:

Menu La casa de Don Cucho

Menu La casa de Don Cucho

On week-end, there is Pachamanca, the ancient food for Mother Earth Pachamama… It used to be cooked in the ground an left without nobody eating eat as it was for feeding the Earth… Nowadays, it is a treat that takes time to make and a dedicated space in your garden…

Obviously I wanted to try this specialty but it is prepared only on week-ends. so I Had to choose something else:

– Tacu-Tacu a lo misio:

This consists in a tacu-tacu which is a affro-peruvian dish made from leftovers of the last diner. This one was made of fried rice and beans and had an incredible taste for such simple ingredients. A very tasty tomatoe sauce accompanied the Tacu-Tacu. On the side I had a fried Plantain banana and eggs as usual for Tacu-Tacu.

Tacu-Tacu a la misio de Don Cucho

Tacu-Tacu a la misio de Don Cucho

– Artesanal beer from Barranco, a district of Lima

Artesanal beer of Barranco

Artesanal beer of Barranco

My friend Luis Gustavo asked for:

– Causa Limena

La causa limeña de Don Cucho

La causa limeña de Don Cucho

– Emoliente, a drink for Peruvian winter…




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