1st step in the world of potatoes: identify them!

Peru is the birthplace of poataoes and there is an extreme variety that you can find in the markets in Lima… But it is really difficult to make the difference between of these kinds;.. so i decided to buy as many different as I could and wash them to identify them… I thank very much la licenciada Vilma Coronado who helped me identify them.

Test 1: Identify 8 types of potatoes

Identification of 8 kinds of potatoes

Identification of 8 kinds of potatoes

Papa: potatoe

The native potatoe “papa nativa”is small and completely black. Inside the outskirt is purple but inside is completely white.

The potatoes Huamantango existis in the red and yellow form.

The potatoe Huayro is purple, only the skin.

Potatoe from the montain or from the coast? Sierra o Costa?

The potatoes from the coast have been modified to be more round shaped without holes and more standardised… so in this selection of potatoes it is easy to see the poatoes of the coast are the canchan and the rosada.

Test 2: Taste these 8 types of potatoes

I beleive that if there are many potatoes, some must have specific uses… so I would like to identify the differents tastes and textures.

Results: they are all kind of floury except for the huamatango amarillo

What potatoe for which use?

Well, when I asked this quetsion around me, I was said all have basically the same taste… But I can’t beleive superstars like Gaston Acurio or Vigilio Martinez are using them indiferently… I will have to investigate this. For now, I only know none of these potatoes can be used to make the famous Causa… they are too floury for making this dish.

Here is where you can buy potatoes from in Lima:

Ceres market

Ceres market


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