Lima: top 3 restaurant types (En)

People from Lima have a wide varity of choices for restaurants… There are plenty of them in all types of districts. So, what do they actually like best in their day to day life?

My first couchsurfing host summed-up the situation by giving me the top 3 of the restaurants types in Lima:

1. Pollo a la brasa – Roast chicken

Pollo a la basa - roast chicken

Pollo a la basa – roast chicken

You will find the grilled chicken  in “pollerías”: small, big, in restuarant chains or familly-run restaurants, … All kinds are available in Lima, but what actually defines the genuine pollería, is the roasting spit…

2. Chifa, fusion Peruvian/Chinese

"Aeropuerto" Chifa Lima

“Aeropuerto”, favorite plate of Lima’s Chifas

The first immigration wave from China accured nearly 200 years ago and was mainly composed of cantonese people. Since that time, cantonese cuisine was completely assimilated in peruvian cooking. SO please, don’t tell a peruvian the Chifa is a chinese restaurant… It is a Peruvian restuarant with Chinese influence, that’s it!

The plate that is representative of this fusion Peruvian/Chinese is the famous “Aeropuerto”, a combination of stir-fried rice, noodles and beans which is enough to feed a few chinese…

3. Ceviche

Ceviche de Cabrilla

Ceviche de Cabrilla – a kind of sea bass – at the restaurant “El Paisa”, Lima

Ceviche is a spicy dish of raw fish marinated in lemon and spicies that makes it a perfect plate for summer. Red oignon is present, a bit crunchy compared with the fish. The sides are choclo, white corn and baked sweet potatoes.

It is the signature dish of Peru and is available with fish but also meat such as duck “ceviche de pato” ou vegetable such as avocado “ceviche de palta”.

What do you think of this ranking?
If you live in Lima, what are your comments? what would you add to this?


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