Tocosh treat: rotten potatoes

One day, I met a nice lady in Chavin. She showed me the bus terminal to go to Huari. In the mean time I asked her what was her favorite food… she said she likes sweet food and the best in the “sierra” was the tocosh… made from potatoe.

So as soon as I came back to Huaraz, I tried it…

I went to the market: they told me go upstairs.

I went upstairs, they told me go to the vegetable section.

I went to the vegetable section, they told me go in the street.

I went to the street, I found ceviche serrano. I asked the lady, and she told me go to the corner.

I went to the corner and I found emoliente. I asked the emoliente man, he told me to cross the street.

I crossed the street and I found mazamora morada. I asked the mazamora girl, she told me to go to the middle of the street where it smells very bad.

I went where it smelt the worst and I found 2 ladies from the countryside with a lagre bowl packaged in several layers…

I kind of felt interested… Is it going to be worse than Durian? Well, this Asian fruit smells bad but it tastes not so bad… and it is forbidden in hotels because it really stinks…

So I bought that for 1,5 Soles…

Tocosh - Huaraz

Tocosh – Huaraz

First try:  it just taste as bad as it smells…

Let’s try a second time, if it is like Inka Cola, the 10th time will be better than the firt one…

So I tried 10 times, and It was just as bad. The man next to me cheered me up at every mouthfull because this is so healthy, and actually so delicious!!!

I wanted to give me my own portion since he loved it so much… but he picked up the phone right at that time… NICE ESCAPE!

It is actually made of potatoes which have been rotting for 1 to 3 months in the water of the river (or at home)…

and you, have you tried tocosh? how do you think about it?


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