Travel Update 2 – From la Sierra to la Costa

I am travelling Peru to discover Peruvian cooking specialties and innovations. I meet people in different places to find recipes to write a peruvian cooking book.

So where did I go since my last update on 19th July?Who did I meet? What food did I try? What recipes did I get?

Where did I go since my last update on Sunday 19th July?

Huaraz / Vicos / Trujillo / Moche / Chiclayo / Monsefu


Who did I meet?

Antolina in her Garden in Vicos

Antolina in her Garden in Vicos

In Vicos, I stayed in a familly in the countryside for 2 days. I met Manuel y Antolina, a wonderful couple a quechuas living from their animals and agriculture… Antolina is a great cook so I lernt a lot from her! Their last child of 7 siblings, Pablo, is very interesting in knowing which great empire we had in France, just like the Incas…

Before heading to Trujillo I met Nora in Trivio Café, she was a French volunteer for a year in Trujillo to teach French at the University… She told me the best would be stay stay at Casa de Clara, and it was true! I organized with Clara a diner with her university’s alumni!

In trujillo I found I would have nothing to do… but actually it happened I had a lot to do! I met Jhonny from Couschsurfing, a young Peruvian fascinated by the power of youtube and internet to spread videos… and at the same time, I met Paul, an ecotourism entrepreneur who started his alternative restaurant and tours… He brought me to unexpected places like the Campesiña of Moche, close to the famous archeological sites of “Huaca del sol y de la luna”.

Isabel and her friend in Monsefu, in front of her tailor shop

Through the help of Leo, a cheerful American Peace corp., I met Isabel, his “host mum” during his 2 years volunteer program. She received me in her house, in the same building as her tailor shop and the showed me how to cook her best dish, aguadito de pescado…

I went to the incredible museum of Tumbas Reales de Sipan… I was sick and fainted in the museum…fortunately, a French girl, Virginie, rescued me. She is travelling all south America thought different volunteering opportunities… Together with her friend Angélique, she worked in a mushroom production farm and warnned me against soya industry in Peru… She writtes a very nice blog in French, relating her experience in South America under the form of tales for children, involving 3 cute puppets… see her last article about the “Mariposario“.

What recipes did I get?

Aguadito de Pescado - from Isabel in Monsefu

Aguadito de Pescado – from Isabel in Monsefu

– Mazamora de Quinoa y Manzana – Antolina -Vicos
– Pan de maiz y de trigo – Antolina – Vicos
– Papa quasqi (version 2) – Antolina – Vicos
– Picante de papa y Occa – Antolina – Vicos
– Sopa teologa – Maria Gutierrez – Moche
– Yuca rellena – Clara – Trujillo
– Keke de pasas y vanilla – Yeraldin – Trujillo
– Taqueños de salchicha with palta sauce – Yeraldin – Trujillo
– Batido salud – Benjamin – Trujillo
– Aguadito de pescado – Monsefú

Any recommendation for new recipes? other places to go? Please let me know!



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