2 days in a Quechua familly in Vicos

I entered a program to live for 2 days in a Quechua familly, share daily life and exchange with them.

I met Manuel, Antolina and Pablo. They made my experience in their house a great moment and i loved being part of their traditionnal way of leaving.

They live in a rural area called Vicos, near Huaraz, surrouded by mountains and fields… the great summit Huascaran dominates this peaceful scenery.

They share their life between 3 activities:

Together we made bread, we cooked and we walked in the mountain to find graze for the sheeps. I became (nearly) an expert at catapult to keep the sheep when they go too far and Antolina showed me lots of vegetarian recipes. They are not vegetarian but meat is expensive and they keep it to sell at the market or for big occasion.

We cooked these dishes:

Made out of their fields’ products:

I recommand this experience to everybody… you can use the help of ecotourism agencies such as Respons or try to make friends with a familly around the valley of cordillera negra… but this will definitely be a more rough style.



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