Bagua grande, because you deserve it…

It is a kind of adventure to go to Gran Bagua…

First, forget about the 12 transport companies your Lonely planet propose you because they are safe and clean.
Second, look at all the the companies you have never heard of, and ask if they go to bagua grande… Half of them will say: bagua? si vamos!!…. than you realise they go to bagua but not bagua grande!
Third: After double checking those going to bagua GRANDE, ask for the departure time tomorrow… usually it will be either today or in 2 days…
Fourth: There is no company going to Bagua Grande in this terminal on the date you need… hang around, desperate, wondering how to adapt your plans, watch again all the company names, ask those which obviously don’t go to bagua grande (they look too safe and clean), just in case…. go to the SSHH (servicios higienicos) and on your way back to the terminal hall, you may find in a corner THE ultimate company going to BG at your date!

Thanks Fernandez Hermanos!

This is the image in my head that made me stick to this plan to go to Bagua Grande...

This is the image in my head that made me stick to this plan to go to Bagua Grande…

Anyway, I was not really well organised I must say… because finding a bus 1 day before the departure during Peruvian “fiestas patrias” is a challenge! I mean finding a bus that makes sense…

I don’t know why, but the transport companies like to organise the departure of 6hours journeys at 9pm or 9pm30… To me, this doesn’t make any sense, because it actually means you arrive in an unknown city at 3pm or 3pm30 without a chance to find a place to sleep… Or if people are not sleeping in this hotel, I am not sure you want to go…

And this also leaves you without a chance to sleep even an hour in your night, because of course it is a bumpy “road” in the middle of the mountain so it is really hard to sleep!

Fortunately, upon arrival i waited only 15 minutes to find a moto taxi to go to “calle colon” (which appears on NO map)…. And Leyda received at 5am at her house… I slept on the couch, and I am so grateful for these 2hours sleep before the workers builing the 2nd floor arrived and strated their day is a nice 100dB CUMBIIIIA!

Here is Leyda:

Leyda with coco

Leyda with coco


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