descansar antes de trabajar

For her mother birthday, Leyda organised a whole trip around the area.

Step 1: Hot springs

Step 2: Jaén city

I mention there is a very nice café called Apu café, brewing own cofee and making deserts based on coffee… Jaén and Bagua Grande are cofee production regions.

I bought 3 cooking books.

Step 3: going to the BellaVista

Claire Buonavista, your familly name is really adpatable to all languages and cultures, I like it very much… series of photos special for you.

Bellavista is a “recreo campestre”, a place you go on week-end to listen to Cumbia and have fun with your friends and familly. This one is located close to the Utcubamba river where people bath… This is exactly how I imagined people living on the shores of the Amazone river… but it is way more beautiful because there is a jungle but also mountains at the back…

It was a very nice trip with Gessy, Leyda and her parents for her mother’s birthday.

Tomorrow, we shall go to the “Bosque” and work hard….


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