Travel Update 3 – From la Costa to la Selva alta

I am travelling Peru to discover Peruvian cooking specialties and innovations. I meet people in different places to find recipes to write a peruvian cooking book.

So where did I go since my last update on 26th July? Who did I meet? What food did I try? What recipes did I get?

Where did I go since my last update on Sunday 26th July?

Chiclayo / Santa Rosa / Bagua Grande / Jaén / Chachapoyas

Who did I meet?

At the begining of this week, I wasn’t feeling good and could eat abything else than rice… What a weird thing to be in a country for a gastronomic tour and not being able to eat… Especially where I was: Chiclayo, famous for its amazing fish dishes…

Ana from the “Trebol” saved me by proposing me something gentle for my stomach and really delicious: la causa ferrenafena…

I wanted to relax a bit so I joined a tour which gave me the opportunity to  get 2 news recipes: the unexpected vegetarian hamburger of Nachis in Monsefù and the “conserva de membrillo” which is a very simple but delicious sweet… This helped me to get ready for new adventures…on the road to Bagua Grande!

There I met this great women who lives building her dream day after day… Her dream to preserve a small part of one of the most unique habitat in the world, “El bosque nublado” (cloudy forest) in the area called “Bosque Berlin”…. This is Leyda.

She hosted me at her place and invited me to join the day trip for her mother’s birthday as her friend before going to her conservation area. As a professional biologist, she showed me the flora of the region and told me about the initiatives about local products such as cofee and cocoa.

Her parents, Ricardo y Carmela are very open minded persons who chose at a point of their life to change what they were doing and they bought the piece of land they named “Bosque Berlin” as a reference to the wall of Berlin that they crossed, seeking for better life. They now mainly cultivate their grounds while preserving the forest all around, applying the best practices their daughter Leyda is pushing for…

In the meantime I met Yeissy who, on behalf of Bosque Berlin, is teaching children from the surrounding mountains how to respect the environment through the program “Tierra de Niños”.

Cesar, a student from a Limenian University was there as a biologist volunteer to  plant new trees to restaure the habitat of the monkey Choro.

They have been like my familly for a few days and it was difficult to leave them to go towards new adventures…

This experience gave me perspective on environmental aspects in Peru and the unconstable idea that this count, already full of histoary and natural beauties, has even more to give to the rest of the world.

What recipes did I get?

unprobable italian cofee style at Bosque Berlin !

unprobable italian cofee style at Bosque Berlin !

– Causa Fereñafena – Ana – Chiclayo 

– Hamburguesa de verduras – Nachis – Monsefù

– Conserva de membrillo – Monsefù

– Chifles – Banos de Jaén

– Caigua rellena – Yeissy – Bagua Grande

– Shurumbo (sopa de Platano) –  Leyda – Bagua Grande

– Sopa Verde – Carmela – Bosque Berlin

– Lomo saltado – Yeissy y Leyda – Bosque Berlin

– Juanes de Moyobamba – Gemith Luiz – Chachapoyas


Any recommendation for new recipes? other places to go? Please let me know!


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