Selva – dishes 1: seasoning and staple food

The dishes found in the Peruvian amazonian forest are very distinctive from the other parts of Peru.


Most of amazonian dishes have very little seasoning (salt, sometimes black pepper, oignons and sometimes cumin) but they are always accompanied by a side chilly sauce. The “aji charapita” is the main chilly used for the sauce.

The food from the selva is considered healthier than other types of cooking in Peru because it is not acidic nor too much seasonned.. less harsh on most stomachs. but some people may like it lacks of flavour. That is why the side aji chaparita or pickles are available. But be careful, this is very strong…

Aji charapita, very small but very spicy

Aji charapita, very small but very spicy

Plantain – bread of the selva

Grilled with our without their skin, fried, boiled, … this is the staple food of the Amazonian forest, equivalent to the bread in the rest of the country or to rice in Asia. They can be prepared green or yellow (mature), and there are many different sorts…

Stir or deep fried plantains (maduros fritos)

Accompanying basically any dish served in a restaurant, except when tacachos are included…

Fried plantains maduros fritos

Fried plantains maduros fritos


Croquettes of plantains…


Mashed fried plaintains mixed with pork grease

Tacachos at the market of Iquitos

Tacachos at the market of Iquitos


Stuffed plantains (platanos rellenos)

The plaintains are cut into 2 and stuffed with beef and peanuts.

Grilled plantains

grilled plantains

grilled plantains


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