Lima: gelati peruvian way

People told me Lima is really THE place where you find the best food of Peru… And I am starting to beleive it. Especially because I finally found an exceptionnaly good quality ice cream parlor taking advantage of the fruit variety of Peru…


After weeks of average industrial ice cream with a vague taste of lúcuma or vanilla, Jorge advised me to taste the italien gelati of “Blu”… Besides great traditional ice creams (straciatella,…) they also propose sorbets made with  fruits of peru… Chirimoya, aguaymanto, lúcuma, granadilla and others.


Sort of aguaymanto and chirimoya at "Blu" in Barranco, Lima

You can have a look by yourself at the list of gelati and sorbetti you can find in “Blu”:


The little plus is the work ethics: products are fair-tradeh sourced and packaging made from recycled material.

Location: xxx, Barranco, Lima

Tested in August 2015


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