Travel Update 5 : South Peru

I am travelling Peru to discover Peruvian cooking specialties and innovations. I meet people in different places to find recipes to write a peruvian cooking book.

So where did I go since my last update on 10th August? Who did I meet? What food did I try? What recipes did I get?

Where did I go since my last update on the 10th of August?

Pisco / Paracas / Islas Ballestas / Ica / Arequipa / Canyon del Colca

Who did I meet?

Saida del Caucau II serving Chicha de Arequipa

Saida del Caucau II serving Chicha de Arequipa

My first step in the South was supposed to be very risky according to all tourist guides! please stop beleiving them and just apply usual safety measures such as not going out at night alone, not showing your wealth (nice jewelery, big camera, …) because people from Pisco are adorable… They gave me nice recommandations and sweet recipes…

But I had to move very quickly to my next destination, Paracas and Ica… where I met Jorge Diaz, a part-time policeman studying systems engineering… He presented me to his mother to exchange recipes from Ica and from France and we went north to Ica to discover a nice ols school pisco bodegua…

In Huacachina, I met a nice limenian couple, Mauricio and Zuhuley, while sandboarding in the dunes… As all Peruvian, they love their food and gave me recipes while hiking the sand dunes.

Pisco! This is what I discoverd at the “bodega” Tres Generaciones close to Ica… And infinite thank to Cecilia and her entrepreunarial mind gathering best Pisco, best tradicional food and very soon a very nice hotel in the surroundings of Ica… I think i’ll go back to Ica just to thave the chance to be there one more time!

Arequipa, the famous white city with a huge gastronomic heritage… it was not easy to see that at the beginning because Arequipenos really are arrogant about their city and not easy to communicate with… But in the end, I met great people…

On the top, I really thank Angela and Miguel, working in Artistic development and movie maker who are passionate about art and cuisine… Miguel, the head of the association of Picanterias of Arequipa, always found another typical plate or product to talk about when we went to the picanteria el Cau cau II in Arequipa…  And Angela told me about the local artistic development and I enjoyed a lot her passion and dynamic attitude.

The sisters Pamela and Vanessa selling quinoa and other dry products at the market spent a lot of time to axplain me all about the local soups you can find in a picanteria, day by day… we got so passionate in the topic that a chef passing by got into the discussion…Hernan, Saludos! 

What recipes did I get?

Plato Combinado de Ceviche de pescado , arroz con mariscos y Perol de marchas

Plato Combinado de Ceviche de pescado , arroz con mariscos y Perol de marchas

Champu – Pisco
Frejol Colado – Pisco
Chocotejas – Paracas – Silvia
Tejas de nuez y manjar blanco – Paracas – Silvia
Humita de Choclo 2 – Ica
Picante de pallares verde – Ica – Mother of Jorge Diaz
Lomo saltado 2 – Ica – Mother of Jorge Diaz
Adobo – Ica – Mother of Jorge Diaz
Pallar seco – Ica – Mother of Jorge Diaz
Mermelada de tomate – Ica – Mother of Jorge Diaz
Sopa seca – Ica – Restaurant Olla de Juanita
Carapulcra – Ica – Restaurant Olla de Juanita
Pisco sour – Ica – Bodegua Tres generaciones
Chilcano – Ica – Bodegua Tres generaciones
Arroz con mariscos – Arequipa – Restaurant Fory fay
Perol – Arequipa – Restaurant Fory Fay
Caldo Blanco – Arequipa – Vanessa y Pamela
Chupe de Camarones 1 – Arequipa – Hernan
Queso con miel de Naranja – Arequipa – Hernan
Sango – Arequipa – Miguel
Solterito a la arequipena – Arequipa – Miguel
Chupe de Camarones 2 – Arequipa – Miguel
Escribano – Arequipa – Miguel
Torejas de verdura – Arequipa – Saida

Any recommendation for new recipes? other places to go? Please let me know!


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