H-8: Peruvian market experience

Peruvian markets are definitely a must… they are so diverse accross the country that you’ll never get bored. I went to so many markets during that trip that I could writte a book only about them… The award of the most disgusting being Bélen market at Iquitos after 10am and the nicest Arequipa for its light and porduct diversity.

But the most important in these markets are the people I met.  I couldn’t make the list here nor give the photo of each of them but they all have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge for me. I got numerous recipes and advices in the market just asking what could I do with such and such product… For exemple I exactly know which fruits I should buy if I have a serious stomach problem… because everybody knows about it in Peru! and they all love giving recipes…

Thanks to all of them!


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